Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Some 56's And An Auto Of One Of The Funniest Guys On Twitter

Ok that's it.  Enough of this write in bid  business at Cleve's auctions.  We are going to be slow at my office next week, and I am cutting out a little early Tuesday and will be at the auction itself, rather than hoping my write in bids work out.

Having said that, I still did ok last week with write in bids.  I got a nice group of 1956 Topps for my Sampler Album, and a sweet relic/auto of Brandon McCarthy, who I urge you to all follow on Twitter.

First, how about a full page of 1956 Topps:

The 1956 page of my sampler album only had two cards on it, but now it's full.  Zimmer is the only name I recognize in the lot, but that is fine for now.  And you will note, there are two Zimmers.  I put the one in the best condition in the Sampler Album and the other is available for trade if anyone is interested.

Next, even though this guy played for the A's (booooo......) and is an LSU alum (double booooo......) I am becoming a huge fan of Brandon McCarthy.  I am not looking to build a collection of his cards, but wanted a really nice one.  I got it at the auction:

An auto and relic low numbered to 50.  Perfect.  I'd rather he didn't have that stupid A's jersey on, but whatever.  So why am I a big fan?  Aside from coming back from a traumatic head injury (after which he publicly asked his wife on twitter if he could have a threesome) he give us this on twitter:


1956 Topps 8 Card Page:  $6  A+  Filling up my '56 and having a spare Zimmer for $6 bucks deserves a pat on the back.

Brandon McCarthy Triple Threads Auto/Jersey:  $3  A+  That's a great price for any Triple Threads auto, but having one of a true personality of the game is that much better.


Play at the Plate said...

Six dollars!!!???!!! I hate my card shop. I want to move next door to Cleve's.

Spiegel83 said...

Hey! May I send you something for the Zimmer for trade? I probably will be able to get a nice stack of cards for you. Please let me know.

The Lost Collector said...

Solid pickups! Also, McCarthy is hilarious.