Friday, May 31, 2013

I Want Cards On Cards In Charge Of Me

I always get the "Charles In Charge" theme song in my head when I read the blog "Cards on Cards."  I wish my blog name could easily be interchanged with a classic '80's sitcom, but alas, it cannot.  You whipersnappers don't know what I'm talking about??? Charles in Charge????  Oh, you want to know the lyrics to this great TV theme?

I've fixed them a bit to help show you the cards I picked up from Kerry from "Cards on Cards:"

Cardinal blog in the neighborhood

 Lives somewhere and it is understood.
He’s there just to make trades with me,
Like he’s one of the family.

Cards on Cards
Of our Rangers in Heritage
Cards on Cards
Of our Rangers in other Topps

And I sing, I want,
I want Cards on Cards of Kinsler.

Cards on Cards
Of our days and our nights
Cards on Cards
Of our wrongs and our sampler album 1995 page and former Naturals and Razorbacks

And I sing, I want,
I want Cards on Cards of Torii.


gcrl said...

back when i watched that show, i would have rather had nicole eggert in charge of me.

The Lost Collector said...

Thanks, now I'll have the Chaz in Charge theme stuck in my head all day (which isn't a bad thing).

That Buddy, he was a hoot.

Fuji said...

Where the heck is Nicole Eggert in that video? If I composed a top 10 child hood crush list... Eggert would be close to the top. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two ladies that would rank higher... Phoebe Cates and Tamlyn Tomita.

Oh... cool cards too.