Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Archives- Pretty Good Fun

I like Topps Archives for a couple of reasons.  1)  The base set is pretty small at 200 cards and 2) The inserts are usually pretty neat.  I bought a blaster today and rather enjoyed opening the product.  As you perhaps already know, the Archives base set is broken into four 50 card groups (I'm ignoring the SPs because I don't usually chase SPs) with each group featured in a Topps base set design from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

My blaster yielded about 14 cards of each group, plus a few SPs and inserts.  Here are some of the base cards I got that I liked:

Cards 1-50 are patterned after the 1972 Topps Set.  1972 is getting a lot of love this year, what with the mini insert cards in this style in flagship.

Cards 51-100 are based on 1982 Topps.  I didn't get much I cared about in this group, but the Robinson is pretty cool.

This 1985 style is probably my favorite- covering cards 101-150.  Maybe I like it because I got a Jurickson Profar?

Finally, cards 151-200 are done in the 1990 Topps style, the least interesting of the bunch IMO. 

I only got a few inserts, this being my favorite:

My scanner had a little hiccup I guess, but you get the idea.  Does it matter to anyone that this design comes from a Topps Football set?  I don't care, and like the cards myself.  I also like the inserts that I've seen based on the 1972 Basketball set.  Didn't get any of those dagnabit.

I'm confused a little by this 4-in-1 sticker card.  I know the design is based on 1969 Topps, but was there a 4-in-1 sticker card like this in 1969 too?

I've also seen that there are some cool "stained glass" looking cards and a Topps Stadium Club Triumvirate set that would be fun to collect.  Too bad there are no Rangers in either of those sets.

I suppose I should wrap up my 2012 Archives set first before building this one.  But I had a good time opening the blaster, and isn't that kind of the whole point of this hobby?

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Ana Lu said...

Paul Molitor! And I agree with you that is the best design.