Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: A Pair Of '59's

Only one win this week at Cleve's Tuesday night auction, which is bad news for extended blog material, but good news for my pocketbook.  It was a nice win though- a pair of 1959 Topps Cards, both in great condition:

This Bill White rookie was the reason I made this bid.  I recently read his autobiography, and have been planning on writing a post about it soon.  I've picked up a couple of White cards already, but not his rookie, so I'm very happy to get this.
I actually already have this Herzog card, but still it was still a nice bonus.  It's in about the same condition as the other Herzog I have in my sampler album, so unfortunately I didn't gain anything in that regard. 


1959 Topps Lot  $3:  A+  I've been shopping for the White rookie for a few months, and to get it in fine condition, alongside a Herzog card for $3 is fantastic!


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The Lost Collector said...

I've seen a few '59 posts today. Good stuff!