Friday, April 26, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Merry Big Fun Game Eve!

There are less than 24 hours remaining before I randomize contestants for the Big Fun Game, so if you haven't put your name it, well, put your name in.

I'm pretty happy with the prizes this time around.  Without giving away too much, I will say it's a  diverse group of prizes, but all baseball related.  And no eTopps cards this time around, for whatever that's worth.

I won a few of the prizes from Cleve's auctions this week and picked them up today.  I also got a few things for myself.  The prizes will remain a secret, but here are the things I got for moi:

 I'm particularly excited about this 1960 Brooks Robinson.  It gives the 1960 page in my sampler album a huge boost, and the card is in great shape.  I paid a good amount for it, but it was worth it.

 I also picked up this lot of 9 commons for my 1960 page.  It was already full, but had a few raggedy contents.    I'll make some replacements using this page, as these are all in great shape.

Another purchase geared toward the sampler album was this nice lot of 1969's.  That page is just about wrapped up now.  These are all in very good shape.  Gaylord Perry kind of scares me.

I often hear people talk about their patch cards being "sick."  Not this one.  It's very healthy!  The card is kind of boring (yet I kind of like that about it), but the patch is gorgeous. 

Ok, I don't want any snickering about this card.  I'm very appreciative of Matt Jones' contribution to Razorback football and nothing will take that away.   Having said that, I can't imagine why someone sent this card in for grading.  Doesn't that cost, like, $10 a card?  At least it came back a 9.5.  For some reason someone decided to make a mark on the case with a sharpie.  I'm hoping I can remove that.    But I like this card and I don't want any crap about it.


1960 Brooks Robinson  $12  A:  It wasn't cheap, but I'm still very happy to have this card.

1960 Commons  $9  B+:  I know $1 a card for EXMT 1960s is a great deal, but I will only need a few of these for my sampler album.

1969 Lot  $6   A+ : These are very good players for $2 a card.  Great additions to my sampler album

Al Leiter Patch  $4  A+:  I'm a big fan of Leiter, and the patch is very healthy!

Matt Jones Graded 9.5 Score Rookie with a Big Sharpie Stain:  I won't give you the satisfaction of knowing how much I paid for this, or what grade I give myself.  Why?  Because I hear you laughing at me even as I'm typing this post.



arpsmith said...

Nice pick ups, loving the Brooks!

Commishbob said...

That '60 Brooks .... with the Bird on the sleeve showing..... awesome!

And I actually have that same Matt Jones card in my 'Guys I've had on my Fantasy Football team' binder. It's not graded though. ;-)

Fuji said...

Nice vintage pickups. Lol... that Perry picture is insane. He looks like he's part of the Adam's Family or something.

Try Goo-Gone or lighter fluid on the case... should take the Sharpie stain right off.

hiflew said...

Goo Gone won't work on Sharpie and might damage the case. Use a Magic Eraser. I used to sell old Nintendo games on eBay and those eraser would remove 20 year old Sharpie from old rental games.