Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sampler Album Additions: 1957 Topps

Daddy took his baby out into the world for the first recently.  My Sampler Album travelled with me to Cleve’s for the afternoon last weekend for some good hardcore cardboard culture.  There were a few regulars in that afternoon and they flocked to my album like bees to a honeypot.  I received lots interest and compliments on the project.  I was king of the card nerds for a few glorious minutes.

I pointed out some of my weaker pages and asked Cleve if he could help with my 1957 page, which had only one card in it.  Ever the salesman, Cleve was quick to find a box of 1957 semi stars for me to peruse.  I found a handful that I liked and asked him for a price.  He gave me a fair deal, and now my 1957 page is a highlight of the album, not a near blank page.


I suppose I should have finished the job and added another 3 cards to fill up the page, but it’s kind of nice having some remaining open slots to fill.  It gives me another target to hunt for at Cleve's Tuesday auctions, as well as any local card shows that come up.


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