Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: A PSA 10, Sampler Fodder and '84 Donruss

It must have been kids day at Cleve's today because there were crumb crunchers all over the place in his shop Saturday, including my two munchkins.  My kids came with me to feed the quarter machine which they are now addicted to (more on their results later).  Cleve wasn't in, but the guy watching the shop for him said that Cleve either recently had, or was going to, put a 1960's Mickey Mantle in the machine.  So, yeah, I'm bringing my kids again and some rolls of quarters next time.

Even though we didn't hit a Mantle in the quarter machine, I did leave with some good stuff from Tuesday's auction, starting with my first ever PSA 10 card:

I'm mostly ambivalent about "Joey," but I understand that he's a polarizing and interesting character in baseball history.  I only got this because it was a Gem Mt 10 and thought it would be cool to have.

I also picked up the above lot of cards for my sampler album.  The '81 Ryan alone was worth the effort.
This was a pretty cool win as well- a lot of '84 Donruss, around 200 or so cards.  And yes, I'm happy to tell you that among the cards was a certain rookie, of a certain guy who played in New York, and whose last  name started with M.....

That's right!  A Kevin McReynolds rookie card!!!!   Former Met, and more importantly, former Razorback!  Oh, did you think I was talking about the famous 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly rookie?  Come on get real, this lot was only $4.  But there were a few other goodies amongst the commons:

 A couple of other noteworthy "Rated Rookies"
 A handful of neat looking Diamond King sketch cards
 Some good Rangers
And a handful of other notable players.

Lastly, I won this:

This lovely binder will need a post of it's own and I'll show the contents tomorrow.  Everything save for the '81 Ryan and, the McReynolds are available for trade if anyone is interested.  


PSA 10 Leaf Belle:  $4  B+   I didn't need it, but I guess that's a good value for a borderline Hall of Famer.

Vintage Topps Lot:  $5  A-  A Nolan Ryan and two Yaz cards for the sampler album.

1984 Donruss Lot:  $4  A-   The nice plastic box was worth a couple of bucks on it's own, and '84 Donruss are relatively hard to find I hear.  Plus I'm happy to get the McReynolds rookie.

Goodie Album:  A+  $5  I'll show you why this was an A+ tomorrow.


The Lost Collector said...

You had me fooled with the '84 Mattingly.

Spiegel83 said...

I kind of have an Albert Belle PC going on. He was a beast when I was a kid in the 90s and had an interesting personality. That pick-up deserves an A+.

Dhoff said...

Excited about the album, about what someone who would customize the front like that would put inside.

I have to say '84 was a rough year for DK artwork.