Monday, February 18, 2013

Unnamed Trade Project Phase Two: Reds Card Collector

No takers for this???  I'll re-post and give it another shot:

 Previously posted 2/12...

Now we’re getting serious people.  The trade project just veered off into autograph/relic territory, and all in one motion.  Appropriately enough the Jay Bruce rookie I put up for trade in this little experiment I started a few months ago was claimed by Shane from the blog “Reds Card Collector. 

He sent a whole slew of great stuff for it:

   2 Autographed photos of Al Worthington, who was a very good relief pitcher and actually began his career by throwing back to back shutouts. 

We’ve got a relic now, and it’s a good one- a Chris Bosh jersey card.

And just to sweeten the pot, Shane added a few misc. cards as well including another autographed card.  The Kila Kaaihue is an SP from 2011 Gypsy Queen and a card I need.  But... I'm going to play fair and not keep anything.  As much as I may want to.

This is all up for grabs.  Just put a note in the comments below that you want it, but don’t tell me what you are sending in return.  Remember, what you send does not have to match in terms of quantity.  And whoever makes the next trade does not have to send relics or autographs.  One card will be fine, just try to make it a fair trade for the next person.    Just remember that I will not be keeping whatever you send, and will be offering it up for trade as well. 

Nice job Shane, and keep up the great work on your Reds blog!

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