Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cleve's Auction: A Quick Double Dip

Not much to report back from last week's auction.  Only a couple of pickups again, but good ones.

1958 Topps Curt Flood Rookie $4  A+  I'm an admirer of Flood and what he did for the game.  I'll let me hero George Will tell you more if you are interested.  This card is in very nice shape (and not mis-cut like the scan indicates)  and is a great addition to my sampler album.

Miguel Cabrera Jersey Card  $2  A:  Easy call to get a Cabrera relic for $2 whenever I get the chance.

1 comment:

Dhoff said...

Very cool Miggy card. I can probably find some nice stuff to send your way if you ever want to trade it.