Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Napkin Doon Celebrity Interview: Brentandbecca

Who isn't familiar with Brent Williams from Brentandbecca's 5 Star Sports cards?  That's right, none of you!  Brent has become arguably the most well known and respected case breaker around and is a regular contributor on Cardboard Connection.

But even more interesting than that, I realized after making some eBay purchases from him that he lives in the same town as me.   I decided that I could use that fact to weasel my way into getting an interview with Brent for the blog.   He was kind enough to answer a few questions and put up with my nonsense:

1) I think it’s safe to say you are the most well known and respected case breaker around. You just completed an 80 count case break of Topps 2013. What does your UPS driver think of you? Do you tell him when the big releases are coming out so that he can plan vacations around them?

UPS guy is a cool dude, but makes me do the heavy lifting lol. He definitely is nice but does not like it as it fills up his truck and they are heavy (usually 58-70 pounds per box, and sometimes I get up to 20 boxes at a time). He has been off a few times when I get large shipments.
2) It’s been said in my house that Northwest Arkansas is arguably the epicenter of the baseball card world. We are home to most well known box breaker in the world (you), the best card shop (Cleve’s Collectibles in Springdale), the largest retailer in the world who I’m sure sells more baseball cards than anyone (Walmart), and a blogger who just happened to receive 2 votes for Baseball Card Blog of the Year (me). I don’t have a question about all this, just thought you would want know.

LOL, that is cool for sure...great place to be!
3) You are a regular contributor, and a fantastic one at that, on Cardboard Connection. Other than The Adventures of Napkin Doon, what other card blogs do you read?

Honestly I do not get to read much anymore, so busy with cards that it occupies much of my free time, I try to read what gets tweeted to me among others. I look at some on site's like C&D Sportscards or for a different perspective, maybe even SCU at times
I do like your 'directional' piece for 2013 Topps :)

4) Are there any blogs you find repugnant, like “The Lost Collector”?

Again, don't read much and probably because there are just too many blogs nowadays, lol...a new one every day, and really because I typically study the products and talk to Topps or get extra info here and there I don't read as much anymore, if I have free time I write and from a different perspective than most especially at this volume.

5) I hear you are getting your own football card next year! Let’s talk about that.

a. Have you thought about how you will pose?

Everyday, lol...I guess however they tell me to.

b. Do you get input into what will be on the back? Or what card number you get?

I doubt it, but they have not told me any details at all.

c. If the card is part of a case break that you will host, will you sell cards of yourself, or keep them?

I plan to keep them but only to hand out.
d. What will you do if there is an autograph sticker on your card, but it’s not your handwriting?

lol, tweet it to the world
6) When you’re sorting sets, do you get songs or chants stuck in your head and lose concentration? Because I do.  How do you get past that?

I used to, and sometimes I do listen to music, but now I mostly watch tv although I either end up not payng attention to tv and have no idea what is on, or get too distracted by it and not get much sorting done.

7) The internet is still buzzing over the Northwest Arkansas Hot Dog Tournament I held over a year ago on my blog. I’m sure you remember that the hot dog from Five Guys was the overall winner. Do you agree, or is there someplace else you think has the best hot dog in Northwest Arkansas?

I really enjoyed Chicago Dog in downtown Rogers, plus the builder of my home and neighbor owed it. He just had to close the doors but really liked it.
8) Do you bust cases of all sports? What’s your favorite sport to bust? What’s your favorite brand/release to bust?

I typically avoid hockey and basketball these days but only because no Topps. Not a huge Panini fan but would try them out more if hey didn't have as high of prices or the rules they just now are getting away from. Favorite is football because I collect all the Razorbacks, but love baseball too and open tons of it. Favorite brand is Heritage or Allen & Ginter to open, although I do love base Topps. And in football I like Chrome :)

Thanks for being a good sport Brent, and congrats on all of your success!  Be sure to check out Brent's eBay store and follow him on twitter @brentandbecca. 


The Lost Collector said...

Nice interview, minus question 4. How has Brent never heard of my blog? Especially after I bought one whole Yankees 2013 Topps team set from him off eBay? I'll remember that, Brent.

The Dutch Card Guy said...

One request for Brent, please open up for bidders from great countries such as the Netherlands :-)

Fuji said...

Great interview. I've always been amazed at how much stuff they bust... and how they're able to flip it for a nice profit.