Friday, February 22, 2013

A Blue Yu From Hoo Hoo!

That hoo hoo is the hoot of an owl, The Night Owl that is.  I'm officially a real baseball card blogger now that I've completed a trade with the gazillion time winner of card blog of the year.  It only took me two years to complete a trade with the Night Owl, so I guess my tactic of playing hard to get paid off.

It wasn't the biggest trade of the year, but I think he liked what I sent, and I was definitely happy with my end, especially this Blue Yu:

If Darvish takes the next step this year and becomes the Ace we Rangers fans are hoping for, I'm going to go Darvish crazy.  I've got a nice little assortment of Darvish cards now, but I figure there will be a ton made in 2013 for me to hunt. 

There will be more Michael Young cards in 2013 too, but I won't want most of them.  I have no interest in seeing him in a Phillies uni.  This pic of him in an throwback uniform is fitting and a nice last Rangers base card of him, but I wish the picture was of him hitting.  I can't say I'm going to miss his fielding too much.
Speaking of throwback unis- here are those same unis, except they weren't throwback unis when these cards were made.  These have already filled some gaps in my sampler album.
He also sent a handful of Piazza and Beltre cards.  I wonder how Dodger fans are feeling about Piazza these days after he called out Vin Scully?

Thanks for the trade Night Owl!  I look forward to doing it again in two years!


night owl said...

You think I'm going to still be doing this little baseball card thing in two years?


I'm going to be a zillionaire after I sell all my 1990 Fleer cards!

carlsonjok said...

When Ellis and Umbarger were wearing those uniforms, they weren't retro.

They were now-tro.

/Mighty Wind