Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vintage Sherm Lollar Hat Trick

A hat trick means three, right hockey people?

Anyway, my interest in Sherm Lollar initially came from my incorrect assumption that he was the father of Tim Lollar, former Razorback and MLB pitcher from 1980 to 1986.  It was an easy assumption to make, with their ages being about right for a father/son relationship (Tim was born in 1956, at which point Sherm would have been 32 years old or so).   Both were baseball players and both spent parts of their lives in Missouri and Arkansas (Tim played for my beloved Hogs and was born in Missouri- Sherm was born in Arkansas and died in Missouri).

But they are not related, so I almost scrapped the idea of getting any Sherm Lollar cards.  However, turns out, Lollar was a pretty fine player in his time:  7 time All Star, 3 Time Gold Glove Winner and 2 Time World Series Champ.That's a fantastic resume, and in fact, Lollar was/is considered a fringe Hall of Famer.

I guess cards of fringe Hall of Famers aren't in much demand, because I got these very cheaply off eBay:

This 1953 Topps is the one I'm most pleased to get since I only have a couple from this set from my sampler album.

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