Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Write In Bids Came Through

Earlier in the week, I shot my mouth off pretty good about actually attending a Tuesday night auction at Cleve's rather than just writing in bids and hoping for the best.  I fully intended to go Tuesday night, but was foiled again by work duties and had to miss out on the action.  I thought there might be a chance of that happening, so I went put in some write in bids on a few items ahead of time.

Other than losing out on a fantastic 1955 Topps Phil Rizzuto, I got most of what I wanted:

Winning a great card like this of former Razorback Cliff Lee is a little surprising, given his popularity around here.  But I'm thrilled to add another Five Star card to my collection.  There's a line of stitching that curves across the card that's gives it some uniqueness too.

The only auto I picked up this week was pretty good I think.  Alfonso Soriano will probably be one of those almost-but-not-quite Hall of Fame candidates when his career is done.  But he's had a really nice career, including a 40-40 season, several All Star appearances, and will almost certainly retire with over 400 HRs.

I put a bid on the Curtis Granderson relic above, not knowing there was a Jim Thome relic in the toploader behind it.  I guess no one else noticed because I won the lot for $2.  Bonus!

Finally, I picked up this lot of Bryce Harper cards.  I mostly bought it because I needed both of the Bowman inserts for my 2011 Bowman master set that has stalled out. 


Cliff Lee 5 Star Jumbo Patch  $8:  B+  It was kind of expensive, but I'm a big fan of Lee and it's a super premium product, so I'm happy to have it.

Alfonso Soriano Auto  $4:  A   This is a great addition to my skimpy autograph collection.  Great value.

Granderson/Thome Relics  $2:  A+  I would have been thrilled with just the Granderson for $2.  Getting the Thome was a nice surprise.

Bryce Harper Bowman Lot  $10:  B   I needed the insert cards, and there not any cheaper anywhere else, so what the heck.  If he takes off this year like everyone is predicting, that $10 will look a lot better.


The Lost Collector said...

Solid pickups!

Brad's Blog said...

The five star jumbo relics are sweet.. i picked up a few myself

Hackenbush said...

Love the big red swatch. Fonzie may not have lived up the big contract he got from the Cubs but he seems to be a real professional and a great teammate. Even late in his career he's worked on his defense and had a much cleaner year in the outfield last season.