Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Card Show In My Mailbox

Jeff, from Cardboard Catastrophes, was up to his old tricks again last week and sent me an unexpected lot of cards.  What was great about these is they included stuff from issues I've never had before:

All three of these are awesome.  The Nelson Cruz card, as it turns out, is  "color swap" SP from Heritage and not that easy to come by.    The Frank Howard is the first vintage Deckle card in my collection.  In fact when I first saw it, I thought it was part of the 2012 Archives Deckle insert set, which shows how illiterate on this stuff I often am.  But it's a true 1969 Topps card, and it's going straight to my vintage album.   Finally  I’m always glad to get cards of Fergie Jenkins, especially in a Rangers uniform.

He also sent a few Obak cards, which are very cool.  I'd never paid much attention to Obak, but dagnabbit (as Jeff and his fellow Okies say)  if these aren't some pretty cards!  The David Clyde card would be fantastic autographed.  These are likewise firsts for my collection.

I could have gone to a card show and just come home with this group of cards and been happy.    That's some solid stuff!

Thanks again Jeff, and let me know when you get together a 1970 Topps wantlist.  I might be able to help a little!

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