Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today's The Big Day... And Here's A Card I Almost Threw Away

Tonight's the big auction, and yours truly will not be able to attend.  I'll be there in spirit though, and am anxious to call Cleve tomorrow afternoon and see if I managed to get anything.  In the meantime, I almost threw this card away:

Not that it's a super card or anything, but it's it's not bad either.  I was organizing my crap the other day and grabbed a couple of what I thought were empty blaster boxes and was about to toss them in the recylcing bin.  I heard something rattle around in one of the boxes, and out popped this card.

So I thought it would be cool to use this as a seed and see what this card could "evolve" into over the course of a year.  I'm going to trade this to someone- and I don't want to know what comes back in return.  Then whatever I get back- no matter what it is (does need to be a sports card)  and no matter how much I like it- will get traded as well.  I'll keep doing it for a year, and document the journey along the way. 

Whoever wants to kick this game off with me in the first round, please leave a comment below and send me your address.  Just don't tell me what you are sending back. 


High-Five Man said...

I'll do it.

Fuji said...

Very cool idea!

Napkin Doon said...

Great, I'll get the card out to you!