Monday, December 17, 2012

Cleve's Christmas Auction Part 7: Other Stuff

Welp, tomorrow is the big day.  And it looks like I may not be able to make it to the auction.  Fret not friends- I was able to put in several write in bids, and have my fingers crossed extra tight.  If I get blanked, I get blanked and the world will go on spinning.

To wrap up my auction previews, here are some of the other primo items up for sale tomorrow night:

 Here is the original art used for the 2003 Topps Gallery John McGraw card. 

 Traitor Josh...

 Some cool game used cards- the two pictures above are actually the same card.  The relics are on the front and back.

 This is a 1/1 of former Razorback Joe Adams.  I guess this is the NFL shield from one of his "event worn" jerseys.

Finally, a cool Cal Ripken Patch card. 

For those of you interested in these, or any of the other cards from the Christmas auction (or any auction for that matter) Cleve does take write in bids.  You can reach him at:   479-927-0067 

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