Monday, November 19, 2012

“Im-pressed” Pennies

If Mark from Mark’s Ephemera were named Evan, I could have called this post “Pennies From Evan” and that would have been pretty sweet.  But his name is Mark, so I had to come up with another clever title.  I believe I have done just that, boys and girls, by calling this post “Im-pressed” Pennies.  See, Mark sent me an “impressive” batch of pressed pennies.  Get it?

Seriously, it was a very nice gesture from Mark.  He sent me a note after I had written a post about the pressed pennies my son collected from our trip to DisneyWorld this fall, and wanted to send me and my son some more to add to our collection:

This easily doubles our collection, and what I’m especially happy about is there are several Disney pennies in here we didn’t get a chance to get on our own.

Besides that, Mark sent a little bit of everything.  Beingst as I done majored in English in college,  I’m fond of the Ernest Hemingway penny (on the right side about 3 rows down, next to the SeaWorld penny.)  I like to pretend I've read all of Hemingway's books, and when people mention him, I knowingly shake my head slowly and say, "Papa, Papa.  There will never be one like him.  What more can you say?"

So I'm very “im-pressed.”  Speaking of impressive, if you are not familiar with Mark’s family of Blogs, you should really check them out, especially if you are a fan of historical baseball scholarship.  I’m a big fan of his Baseball Nuggets blog- highly recommended!    Of course, Mark's Ephemera is great too if you want to stick to reading about cards.   Just admit you don't know what an ephemera is (I do, now that I looked it up) and dive in!

 Thanks again Mark!


cynicalbuddha said...

I'm working on a post about my pinched pennies and other side collections.

Fuji said...

Love cardboard... but always im-pressed to see the other collections bloggers have.

Mark A. said...

Nap, you're welcome again.