Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: Razorbacks and Minis

I had another good haul from Cleve’s auction last week, which makes two decent auctions in a row for me.  I doubt I'll make it three though because I didn’t put in a whole lot of bids for next week.     What did I get, you ask?

How about a huge stack of about 150 Gypsy Queen Minis?   I’ve had some luck picking up lots of these cards from the auctions lately.  There were several duplicates in here, but I’m not complaining at $4  ( under $.03 a card).

I also scored a small lot of sepia minis, numbered to 99.  No way am I going to try to build this parallel set, but I thought they would be good for Listia, or as trade bait if anyone is interested. 

Woooo, Pig Sooie!!!  It wasn’t a conscious plan, but I would up getting several former Razorback cards this week.   I'm stunned that I was able to get this Jarius Wright for only $5, especially here in Hog Country.    Jarius will go down as one of the greatest Razorback receivers ever, and is the currently the all time Razorback receiving yards leader.

I also picked up this nifty card of the guy who through the ball to Wright for most of those yards, Ryan Mallett.  This is a nice looking card and I dig the snippet of football leather sandwiched between the fabric relics.

Rounding out my Razorbacks was this Felix Jones relic.  Glad to see him start having a little success again recently.

Finally, unrelated to either minis or Razorbacks, I picked up this Jim Palmer manu-leather card.  Don't really need it, but it's still a cool card.


150 2012 Gypsy Queen Minis  $4:  A+  Great bargain here, and put me in great shape to complete this set.  A full album of a mini set is going to look awesome.

2012 Gypsy Queen Mini Sepia Lot  $3:  B+  This should help me rack up some points on Listia.  They're also available for trade if anyone is interested.

Topps Inception Jarius Wright Auto $5:  A   This is a beautiful card, and I'm not going to find it cheaper than that anywhere.

Ryan Mallett Triple Relic Card  $6:  A+  I love Ryan Mallett and I love this card!

Felix Jones Stadium Club Relic  $2:  A:  Nothing flashy but only $2.  Great for my Razorback album.

Topps Manu-Leather Jim Palmer:  $3  B:  Eh, it's a neat card, what can I say.

The Sepia Minis and the Palmer are available for trade, the rest are staying with me.


arpsmith said...

I already have the Angel Pagan but those 3 other Giants Sepia minis would look great in my Giants collection. Can we work out a trade?

Thanks, Adam

Robert said...

Nap, do you have a want list for the GQ minis posted anywhere? I still owe you for the Joey Bats you sent me a couple weeks ago. Let me know, thanks...

Fuji said...

Great purchases.. especially the Gypsy Queen minis.

Hackenbush said...

Three cents each for cards that were about 50 cents each in packs. Good deal? I'll say.

AdamE said...

I need some Red Sox minis. I also need to get tgat package I promised you in the mail...

The Dimwit said...

Would love a chance at a GQ mini swap if you need any! I have a bunch left over!

The Lost Collector said...

Nice haul, Nap. The Mallet is cool.