Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: Nice Variety This Week

I'm pretty, make that very, happy with my haul from Cleve's this week.  I didn't get the 1972 Brooks Robinson that I wanted, but picked up a nice variety of  three solid cards:

This 1962 Marichal is a great add to my sample album.  I've got 4 very good cards, and the page doesn't look so skimpy anymore.

Then I went all Ramirez:

Yes, he's a steroid fueled lunatic, but this is a really cool card.  I have a decent amount of relic cards, but hardly any with cool patches, so this is a nece add. 

I'm very happy with this Aramis Ramirez auto/relic.  He's under the radar as far as I'm concerned, but is within striking distance of 400 home runs in a few years, and will have a nice career compiled when all is said and done. 

Finally, I won a little lot of Gypsy Queen minis.  I guess I'm building the set since I've got about 40% of the cards now. 


1962 Marichal  $3-  A  :  An early card of a HOF pitcher for $3?? Easy A.

Manny Ramirez Fleer Nameplate Patch $4- A:  He's not going to the HOF, but people will talk about this character for a long time. 

Aramis Ramirez Auto/Relic  $3  A+ :  This is a superb auto at that price.  I'm shocked I got it.

Gypsy Queen Minis  $2  B+ :  Other than two of my favorites in Kinsler and Beltre, no big names,  but getting these for about $.16 each is not too bad.

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arpsmith said...

Very nice pick ups. I would be more jealous of the Marichal if I hadn't just won one in an auction on Sportlots but you got a better deal and a card that looks to be in nice condition.

The Manny patch is very nice, I really like that set.

Congrats on the great pickups