Saturday, November 24, 2012

Checklist Chipaway: 2009 Topps Sterling

I hope everyone is enjoying the last remnants of the Thanksgiving break.  Ours was quite enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to one last day of rest before returning to work Monday. 

Not sure how many of you took advantage of the Black Friday sale, but I for one spent a good chunk of my Friday morning there, piling up a ton of goodies that I'll be showing off once they come in.  I made large dents in many of my set needs.  One of the sets I made good headway in was 2009 Topps Sterling, perhaps my favorite set ever, but one that has been slow going lately.  I picked up a few needed cards on Friday, but also had one important part of the set waiting for me in the mail when we returned home Saturday:

I managed to pick this up under $5 shipped on eBay- a great value and much less $ than I'd seen it go for in previous auctions.

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