Monday, October 22, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: Have I Mentioned What A Great Guy Cleve Is?

Family, kid's soccer, work and life in general has kept me pretty busy lately, and I've been absent from Cleve's Tuesday night auctions for quite a while.  I miss it.  I've been putting in write in bids, but it's pretty hard to go to battle for what you want when you're not present at the auction.  This past week I put in several write in bids, but only came away with one win:

I think I bid only $2 or $3 and I guess no one else wanted it.  I'm more than happy to take home a relic card, fake as it may be, of the only Triple Crown winner in my lifetime. 

I say I "think" I bid $2 or $3 because when I pulled out my wallet to pay for it, Cleve waived me off and said "nah, just take it."  My guilty conscious wouldn't let me and I tried to convince him to let me pay, even if it was just a small amount.  He wouldn't have it, so I got this nice little gem for free.   I can add this to the other displays of generosity from Cleve, here and here (my first tweet)

Not only that, as I was walking out, Cleve was sorting a 1988 Fleer Tiffany set out by teams and handed me a Rangers team set:
These are 4 of my favorite players from that team.  If you've never seen the Tiffany's version of these junk era cards, the glossy "Tiffany" finish really adds another dimension to them.  They are absolutely beautiful, and make me want to reach out and pinch Pete Incaviglia's chubby widdle cheeks.


Grades?  What grades?  This is an A+ auction all the way.  I wonder where the hobby would be if every town had a dealer like Cleve?


Dhoff said...

Ah, very nice pick ups. If you ever want to turn that Miggy into a few Rangers GUs, let me know. I continue to be jealous of your nights with Cleve.

Spiegel83 said...

Every town needs a card shop like that. Cool, to see that some shops are doing it right.

Play at the Plate said...

Nice get on the Tiffany Rangers!

AdamE said...

I wish Ihad a card shop that sorted by teams then gave away a team for free. I wish I had a shop that sorted by team. I don't think I ever saw a 88 Fleer Tiffany card before.