Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When The Cat’s Away, Napkin Will…

…pretty much not do anything about it.   Last week, I put the lovely wife on a plane for a much deserved four day mini vacation to visit some friends out of state.   After sort of being successful curbing my spending during August-erity, I figured these four days would be like a big window of debauchery for me.  By debauchery, I mean I would buy a ton of cards, and feed myself and the kids junk food the whole time.  I was going to go hog wild at Cleve’s and put in a bunch of write in bids for Tuesday nights auction.  I was going to write at least 20 blog posts and cue them up.  I was going to watch the Razorbacks pound ULM.  I took Thursday and Friday off from work and was only going to turn it loose!

Eh, it didn’t really happen that way. 

Oh my god taking care of two kids by yourself is exhausting!  I had a blast with them, but man they never slow down!    I took my two year old with me to Cleve’s while the six year old was in school, but soon came to my senses and realized taking a two year old into a store filled with expensive items that are easily torn was not too bright, so I got out of there before any damage was done, which is why I didn’t do a Cleve-view Sunday. 

And we ate pretty healthy.  And I have no comment about the Razorbacks.

I didn’t buy the piles of cards that I thought I would, but did get a couple of blasters of Topps Chrome:

I’ve noticed that Salvador Perez has been in each pack that’s had a Yu Darvish.  That’s great with me, since I’m trying to build up my Perez collection.   It’s two wins in the pack as far as I’m concerned.

In short, I didn’t really do much with cards and focused more on the kids while the lovely wife was away.  Are you expecting me to say time with the kids was more fulfilling?  Come on, of course it was.

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The Angels In Order said...

Is there a chance that orange Mike Trout might anywhere other than your binder?