Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: Kick Starting a Few New Sets

First off, I wanted any of you who have enjoyed my Cleve's posts to know that Cleve has been in poor health lately.  Cleve, I know you read my blog when you can, so I wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you get to feeling better soon, as are all the folks out there that enjoy reading about your auctions!

I had a couple of write in wins at this week's auction, and as such, need to add a couple of sets to my master checklist:

I guess I'm going to go after this cool di cut set now that I have a few of them.  I won with a min $2 bid on this Pujols, which I thought was good bargain. 

I've also been working on a 2012 Gypsy Queen master set, but had intended to skip the minis.  However, I got a lot of 50+ cards from the auction and along with what I already own, I've got enough to warrant chasing the rest.  I'll add the mini's (and the Chrome di-cut) to my master checklist soon and hopefully I can keep building it through trades.

Here are most of the minis I won:

Yeah, these are pretty cool, and will look great in the Gypsy Queen binder.


2012 Topps Chrome Di-Cut Pujols $2:  A-  Very cool card, and I'm not going to get it cheaper than that anywhere.

2012 Gypsy Queen Mini lot of 54  $5:  A+  I'll take minis at $.10 a piece any time, and this is a great way to jump start building the set.

Tomorrow, I'll give the preview of Tuesday's auction.


Robert said...

Nap, for our next trade, I have quite a few minis from this years GQ if you so desire.

Spiegel83 said...

Great deal on those minis. A blogger always needs good trade bait.