Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unrelated Cards I Got In The Mail Last Week...

The blog is on autopilot for a few days this week as I journey out to San Francisco to meet with some folks.  I hope to heaven that as you read this on Wednesday, I will have by then been in attendance at the Giants-Mets game Tuesday night.  As I type this, I understand that our chances of getting tickets are at 80%. 

Anyway, I got these two cards last week, and didn't have the gumption to give them each a post, although they are cool enough I probably could have:
I requested this for delivery from the Topps Diamond Giveaway site on the last day deliveries could be requested.  I think that was June 20th.  It arrived on July 27.  I really like these cards.  I want some of the 2012 die cut cards too,  but all I ever get when I plug in my codes are those stupid virtual coins.

I also got this Nick Schmidt card for $3 delivered.  Schmidt was first round draft pick out of the University of Arkansas by the Padres, but had his career interrupted and almost ended due to injuries.  He's back with the Rockies farm system and doing pretty well.  I would have wanted this card anyway since he is a former Razorback, but I'm glad there is still hope for him to make the big leagues.

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Play at the Plate said...

But it's Wednesday morning! Good luck on those tickets.