Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breaking the Seal On Listia With Darren McFadden

I've seen a few folks around here dabble with Listia, and since I'm making a half ass effort to curb my spending, at least this month, it seemed like something I should check into.  Basically, Listia is ebay, but with no money exchaning hands, just points.  You get points for selling stuff, and you use points for buying stuff.  In essence, it's a big trading post.

I'm a horrible person and didn't sign up as a reference from another of the bloggers out there with an account, which would have given them extra points, as well as myself.  I was just checking out the sight one day and got impatient and signed up.  Sorry to those that could have used the points!

Anyway, my first "purchase" came in the other day:

A very cool "tall boy" mini from Topps 2012 of Darren McFadden, former Razorback stud.  I've since sold a few cards and bought a few and it's jolly good fun.

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