Monday, July 30, 2012

Allen and Ginter Shun Momentarily Lifted:

I’m going to save myself some money and not buy any A&G wax this year.  Partly because my butt is still red from them leaving George Will out ofthe set this year, and partly because I’m focusing on other sets, and Nappy-baby ain’t made out of money folks.  Point is, I'm shunning A&G this year.

**** Un-shun*******
That’s not to say I don’t want any of the cards at all.  The relic cards are quite nice looking, and I was able to get a few off of eBay for a couple of bucks each:

 Ok, I have to admit, these are incredible looking cards.  They even caught the lovely wife's eye.


The Gentry auto was a little more expensive, but not much.  A better image of Gentry (sliding into second, or something) is the only thing keeping this from being one of my favorite cards ever.  I’ll probably try to get the other Rangers I need, but beyond that, that will do it for A&G and me this year.