Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jaybarker Fan's Junk Has Jinxed The Texas Rangers.

It has probably dawned on some of you who deal with me or follow my blog that I can be forgetful or downright absent minded at times.  The lovely wife would give a big "amen" to that notion.  I say this because I finally realized that the big box o' Rangers I received yesterday came from Wes at Jaybarker Fan's Junk.  

Wes is a god among men, and yes I'm still giddy about all the cards he sent.  I've looked through them a few times now and keep discovering gems.

We actually did complete a trade a few months ago, but the return address and initials on the box yesterday just didn't jog my memory.  I'm telling you my mind is pretty fried from work right now.  I'm also taking it upon myself to be stressed about what's going on with the Rangers, since you know, it's my problem to solve.   Which brings me to the explanation for the title of this post:

I see no other reasonable conclusion than to blame the Rangers recent woes (losing 3 of 4 to the A's? come on!) on Wes for sending that big box of Ranger cards.

I received the cards yesterday.  The Rangers lost yesterday.  The Rangers lost again today.   I also assume the cards were in transit for about 3 days before I got them.  The Rangers lost 2 of 3 of the games on the days those cards were in transit.

Those of you who don't understand this kind of stuff would probably think the easy solution would be to get rid of the cards or send them back.  Well that's absurd and makes no logical sense in terms of breaking jinxes.  And besides, I like the cards and don't want to give them up.

The best solution will be to make some jinx breaking posts over the next few days and expose these cards to the world and therefore take away their jinx inducing powers.

Since it's too late to do anything about today's game (yikes Yu Darvish), I'll show the really nice hits that Wes sent that feature players from other teams and a non-current Ranger.

Let's start with this awesome Torii Hunter card:

 The pinstripe is fantastic!

A relic of Tony Gwynn!
Wes also added this auto of Chris Howard, but the best part of this card was the write up on the back:
"Chris worked for the White Sox and the Red Sox before joining the Rangers last August."

"Worked?"  Was he an accountant or something? I've never heard of playing baseball referred to as "work" other than as the title of George Will's baseball book "Men at Work." It doesn't make it sound like his time with the Red and White Sox was enjoyable.

Anyway Wes, while it's unfortunate that your generous shipment has put the Rangers in a tailspin, I'm still very excited about the cards.  Let's see if we can't turn things around in the next few days. 


Anthony Hughes said...

If Rangers' cards in transit, to you, are the cause of Rangers losing games - please forward your address so I can keep a steady stream of Rangers' packages coming to you!

But seriously, you have to admit, it's going to be more fun if come September the Angels and Rangers are neck and neck, as opposed to Rangers being 10 games up, right?

Napkin Doon said...

I don't think I can admit that. I want the Rangers to be up by 20 by August. Now THAT would be fun!