Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hey, Who's Responsible For This Awesomeness?

It's been a very busy, disjointed couple of weeks for me and today I was contemplating taking a short hiatus from the blog since I can't seem to give it a great amount of attention at the moment, and have some disruptive events coming over the next week that won't help change that.  (Nothing bad, just life stuff).   I don't have one of those cases of the "blahs" towards cards or my blog like I've seen affect others, it's just hard right now to carve out the time to post. 

However, what was waiting for me at home today gave me a boost of blogging inspiration:

You can't tell from the image, but there has to be at least 300 cards here.

Addressed to "Napkin Doon"  was one of those flat rate USPS boxes full, and I mean full, of Rangers cards.  I saw the box and my mind tried to register an explanation.  The Bowman set I wrote about the other day had already come in, and other than that I only had a few single card purchases I in which I was awaiting.  So since the box said "Napkin Doon" I thought it must be trade stuff, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember any outstanding trades coming in.   (Royals and Randoms, I still owe you some cards, and will try to get them out this weekend, sorry!)

There was no note in the box, and there was only initials on the return address.  Perhaps this was meant to be an anonymous shipment, but I would really like to know who sent it so I can properly thank them.  This is at least a week's worth of blog posts!

Whoever it was, thank you so much!


Josh D. said...

It wasn't me. I'm not that awesome! :-) ha ha

No rush on the return package. I'm backed up on sorting/posting, anyway.

-Josh D.

jaybarkerfan said...

Yep. You figured me out. I'm guilty of this awesomeness