Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking Jaybarker Fan's Junk Jinx Part 5: Old School Rangers and A Hidden Gem

The Rangers resume play again today with a home stand starting with the D-Backs.  Let's continue to clear the jinx Jaybarker Fan's Junk started last week when he sent me a huge, fun, awesome box of Ranger cards.    I was going through the stack of cards again Monday night, still giddy from the Razorbacks punching their ticket to the College World Series and noticed I had completely overlooked a sweet autograph card that Wes included in the loot:

Very nice indeed!  Good thing I finally saw this.  Leaving this card undetected could very well have ruined the whole season for the Rangers.  Don't ask me to explain, that's just the sense I get.  Posting it now should help break the slump even more convincingly.  We also should look at the old school cards that were included:

I love the old Rangers logo on the Fleer cards.    Also, with the exception of Billy Sample, this is not the coolest bunch of dudes I've ever seen.  I wish someone would have given Mario Mendoza a little help.

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The Lost Collector said...

Congrats on the Razorbacks! I watched the end of the game and was pulling for them.