Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Time For A Change

I've done a lot of soul searching since the Ranger's heartbreaking loss in the World Series last fall.  For months I've lived with the agony of that defeat and I just can't seem to get over it.  One thing that keeps re-opening the wound is the hobby that I've loved for so long now.  It seems like every pack I open is a reminder of that horrible loss last October. 

It's taken me a while to come to the conclusion that I just can't collect baseball cards any more, and I sure can't blog about baseball cards anymore.  I still need an outlet for my collecting/hoarding tendencies though, so I've been seeking a worthy substitute.  The other day I had my two year old with me on the card aisle and together, we found something that will now be my collecting focus:

Yes, Yo Gabba Gabba cards are my collecting focus and now will be the center of my blogging point of view!

Yo Gabba Gabba (from here on referred to as YGG cards) are available at Walmart as rack packs for $4.98.  I will need to look into this further and see if Hobby Boxes are also available.  We brought our first rack pack this weekend and opened it up.  We were both thrilled to see our favorite character, Brobee, leading off the pack.  "There he is!" my daughter squealed when his card appeared.  I'm more of a fan of Plex the robot, but Brobee is pretty dope too.  This is going to be an incredibly fun ride, and I'm glad to be done with baseball cards.  In fact, I already loaded up my truck with my entire baseball card collection and made a much appreciated donation to the local Goodwill.

Of course, I would like to add:  "April Fool's" to this post.  You should have seen the looks on your faces!  I really had you going.  Suckers.

I did buy one of these ridiculous rack packs for my daughter, and she seemed to enjoy opening it, and she really was thrilled to see Brobee, of whom she has a stuffed... animal? or whatever the hell he is.

I'm actually a little concerned about Brobee.  As I was scanning these cards, I took a few minutes to actually pay attention to the content.  Check this card out:

Is it just me, or is Brobee imagining a monkey taking a dump in the grass and stating it's his favorite color?  It looks like the monkey had some stomach problems too based on what he left in the grass.

Yes, Brobee, I knew the color you were thinking of was brown.  Your choice of objects to relay this statement was a little odd though.
Speaking of odd, how about this sad sack of a character:
This guy doesn't look well at all.  I also noticed that he is not apart of any of the group pics from the rest of the pack (see the above scan).  I wonder why:

Poor Gooble.  The card explains, "He is always crying for some reason or another..." and asks, "Why do you think he's so sad?"  I think I know.

He hasn't got over the World Series yet either.


Martyn said...

Happy April Fools day Sir!

Josh D. said...

I fail to believe that this could be an April Fool's joke. This change-of-heart is 100% true.

When you start bringing home rare YGG hits from Cleve's, that will be a huge milestone in your development as a collector.

High-Five Man said...

OK, that was good. You had me going for a minute, simply because it just seems like something you would actually do.

Kyle4KC said...

Your Brobee comments had me squirting milk out of my nose.

Sweet post!