Sunday, April 8, 2012

Falling In Like With Adrian Beltre

Yes, "like" not "love".  Let's not get carried away.

But I am in "love" with this Tribute card I got this week.

I really had no opinion on Adrian Beltre before he joined the Rangers.  I thought he was a good player, and found it interesting that he didn't like people touching his head.  The lovely wife is the same way, so I don't find that all that odd.

Then the Rangers signed him last year and I was able to watch him play every day.  I've come to realize and appreciate not only how good he is, but how hard he plays every day.  His defense is downright sultry and his hitting is superb, and he by all accounts is a respected leader in the clubhouse.  One of the Rangers said the other day that ," Adrian doesn't come out every game to play, he comes out every day to beat the other team."    

Alright, alright... it's "love."

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