Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night- Consolation Prizes Are Good Too, Part 1

Last week I gave a preview of some of the big ticket items that were up for auction this week at Cleve's.   A cruel few of you tried to lay peer pressure on me to get me to bid on the 1933 Babe Ruth Goudey card for $1,500.   My desperate need for attention and acceptance by others wass only overpowered by my need not to be thrown out of the house, so I was able to abstain.  The bids I wrote in for the stuff I could afford and wanted mostly were defeated.  I'm still bummed I didn't get the Tony Gwynn Sterling card, but I think it went for way more than I wanted to spend.   A few things did slip through to me, one of which in my opinion is one of the best values I've picked up at Cleve's yet.  That one I'll save for tomorrow.

Of the few items I did win, I think they are gems.  Starting with this sucker:

These retired ring cards are pretty slick, and I was able to get this one for $5.

I also picked up an auto of one of my 80's heroes:
I remember in 1987 a friend of mine bought a pack of 85 Topps and Eric Davis's rookie card was inside.  You would have thought he had won the lottery the way we freaked out over it.  Eric the Red was a mad mother.  I got this auto for $4.

I also got back on the vintage train.  This was the only single card I picked up:

It's not in perfect shape, but there are no creases, and a Steve Garvey Rookie for $2 is a great buy, and will have a nice spot in my sampler album.

Speaking of 1971 Topps, that was a big part of my other win at Cleve's, and I'm excited enough about it to give it it's own post tomorrow.


Topps Retired Rings Sandberg $5:  A   These things are pretty expensive, and they are very cool.  Not sure if I'm going to flip it or not.

UD Auto Facts Eric Davis  $4:  A   A great value here.  He's not a Hall of Famer, but had some brilliant seasons in the bigs and was an electric player to watch.

1971 Topps Steve Garvey  $2:  A nice solid rookie card of a perenial all star.


Dennis said...

Eric Davis was definitely an outstanding player--not a HOFer, of course, but he definitely enjoyed an excellent career. Nice pickups.

Hackenbush said...

Nice ring. Good deals all around.

The Lost Collector said...

That Eric Davis is sweet.