Wednesday, April 25, 2012

9, 8, 3, 4 Post Mortem

Well that was fun!

Of course it helps that Yu Darvish was an absolute stud, shutting down a red hot Yankee offense.  It's a good thing, because Hiroki Kuroda was impressive as well. 

Actually, don't bother clicking the link about the game above.  I've taken the liberty of scanning my scorecard, at least of the Yankee at bats for your reference:

Look at all those Ks!

This was my first scoring effort of the year, so it's got a few missteps.  I used a NW Arkansas Naturals scorecard if you are curious.  If you've never learned the craft of scoring a baseball game, I highly recommend it, especially if you are at the game in person.  Sure, it's a little dorky to score at home, but I don't care.  It makes the game fly by for me.

Besides the sweet result of the game itself, I had the pleasure of opening a blaster of Gypsy Queen over the course of the game.  I'm proud to say that I had enough discipline to ration out the packs, one per inning.  No big hits, but it was fun nonetheless.  Here were my favorite cards:

I got several players I collect, including both versions of the Eric Hosmer card. 

With my 8 packs, I got 8 minis.  I guess the Frank Thomas green parallel is a good pull.

Here are the inserts.  I've already got the Kinsler, but I love that card, so I'm fine with it.

The other great part of the evening was the menu.  The lovely wife cooked the brats in beer, and served them on hogie rolls:

 That is just plain sexy.  No I didn't eat all 5 thank you very much. 
I also had 3 different beers, none of which were very good.  Eric, this part of the post is for you:

Blue Heron Pale Ale (1st Inning):  This had pretty decent flavor, and would have been better with an orange slice in it.  It felt foamy in my mouth if that makes sense.  It went pretty well with the brats.

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat (3rd Inning):  I poured this out after a few sips. It was way too fruity for me, and did not go well with Rangers baseball.  P.U.

Sol (4th Inning):  Basically a Corona, but not as good in my opinion.  Maybe I'm just used to Corona.

So that was about it.  I pretty much followed my plan from yesterday's post, except I decided against ice cream.  I was already pretty full from everything else and didn't want to overdo it and have trouble sleeping.

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