Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen First Purchase

Let me join in at what is sure to be a flood of Gypsy Queen posts in the blogosphere.  Gypsy Queen was by far my favorite set last year, and from what I saw with my purchases today, will also be in 2012.  I've been on the lookout for it the past few days and snagged a few rack packs today when I saw them available:

First, the base:

Again, there is a nice mix of vintage and modern day stars.  The Dwight Gooden card is fantastic.
Then the minis, inserted one per pack.  I didn't really go after these last year, but probably will this year.  They have all kinds of different backs, but I don't find that in the least bit interesting so I didn't scan them.

Here were the inserts I pulled.  Once again, these look awesome to me.  The Kinsler Sliding Stars card may be my favorite card of 2012 so far.
I'm very tempted to make a run at completing the bronze paper parallel set.  At 300 cards, that's pretty daunting though.  
 How about a run of Yankee Legends?  Half of my bronze paper inserts were Yankee greats.  Not complaining about that at all, but I still couldn't help but think:.  "No more Yankee my Wankee, the Doon need food!"

 Finally, my only hit, but it was a nice one.  Love the gray flannel on this Steve Carlton relic.

So there was my first taste of Gypsy Queen.  I may do something I haven't done in a while, and purchase a hobby box.  This is a great set!


Nick said...

I wasn't as high on GQ as everyone else seemed to be last year, but I'm definitely loving the looks of the set this year. I'll hopefully be picking up a few packs (maybe a blaster) this weekend.

I love the "Sliding Stars" inserts as well, those seem to be a general consensus around the blogosphere thus far.

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Happen to be looking for any more GQ? If so I'm going to be giving a bunch away starting on Saturday. They'll be under the Take My Cards section of Crackin' Wax if you are interested. Thanks!

arpsmith said...

Nice hit on the Carlton, I like the grey swatch. If that Lincecum mini is for trade drop me a line and hopefully we can work something out.

Thanks, Adam