Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taken to the Woodshed By Crinkly Wrappers

I recently sent Ted from the supreme blog Crinkly Wrappers a single card.  It was a nice eTopps T206 card of Christy Mathewson, and I kind of hated to part with it.  But he had a real T206 card of Mathewson, and wanted to display the cards side by side.  I thought that was a nifty idea, and I was glad to be able to send the eTopps version to someone who would really like it.

It was a nice card, but it was one card.    Ted said he would send me a lot of stuff in return.  He wasn't kidding.

Today I received my part of the trade.  It came in a box.  Holy schnikes, there was a lot of great stuff in that box:

To start, he sent me over 70, yes I said 70, Gypsy Queen base cards. 

Did I mention I sent him ONE card?

He told me he had a "bunch" of GQ cards, and I said I'd take whatever he thought was fair.  My base checklist went from 50% to 73% complete just like that.  That would have been more than enough for what I sent, and would have left me feeling guilty enough on its own.  But there was more in the box:

There were a couple of awesome Nelson Cruz numbered cards.  That Marquee Cruz may be my favorite card of 2011.  My scanner frustrates the hell out of me.  Sorry about the weird scan.
And a Finest Alexi Ogando, and a Marquee Ian Kinsler with Ichiro trying to hog the spotlight.  Again, sorry for the weird scan.  Again, I just sent him one card.
And he sent a bunch of 2011 Topps parallels.  Did I mention I only sent him one card?
And finally, a handful of 2010 finest base sets, a couple of Turkey reds and some Attax Rangers.  Actually, he also sent a couple of A&G code cards and two other Rangers cards that I wanted to scan but when I went to our bedroom to scan them, I saw that the lovely wife (who is sick) was already asleep.  I didn't have the heart to crank up the scanner again and risk waking her up.  But the code cards are very nice, I assure you.  Speaking of the lovely wife, she was being nosy and checking out my box of cards from Ted.  When I assured her I wasn't spending money and that this was a trade, she looked at the amount of stuff I got for one card and said, "What the hell did you send him?" 

Not nearly enough lovely wife, not nearly enough.  Ted, thank you so much for the awesome trade.  I won't be able to get over my guilty conscious for this lopsided trade until I even it out at least a little.  Be on the lookout for another package.  You didn't get confused and think I sent you the original T206 Mathewson did you?


Robert said...

Ted strikes again...he's been more than generous with me as well.

Kyle4KC said...

I wonder what he'll give me for my 1986 Topps Buddy Biancalana?

moremonkeys138 said...

In case your wife is reading, I did receive one card but it was a card I had huge interest in! I do have a habit of sending too much but when I can help out a collector finish up a set, I'm all for it.

Kyle, I'd gladly trade a stack for it but I already have a complete 1986 Topps set, so shucks.