Thursday, January 5, 2012

eTopps In Hand Delivery Part 2

No talk, on with pictures:
These are the first 2010 cards I've taken in hand.  They're not bad, but not the best eTopps has done.
I took a few of my favorite players. The Hunter and Halladay on the right are from the 2003 set, which I think is the nicest base set eTopps has released.  The eTopps logo looks more like a medallion than just a printed logo.  The 2 Hunter cards on the bottom are from the 2007 set, which is much nicer in hand than I expected.
Finally, I took a handful of NFL stars. The Tomlinson cards at the bottom look GREAT.  I especially like the card on the left from the 2007 set.

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Kyle4KC said...

If you are interested in trading the Longo and the Lee (from your previous post) let me know and I'll put together an offer.