Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: Back In the Saddle Again Part 3

Yesterday, I showed off the stamp stuff that was in the $6 goodie box I got at Cleve’s.  I hope someone out there has an interest in it.  As much as I enjoyed the old post cards that I found, that’s not why I bought the box.  I bought it for the assortment of cards, some of which I’ve never seen before.  Namely, these:

I’d never seen Topps 3D up close.  But there were 9 of these in the box, including a Tony Gwynn for my Gwynn album.  I love ‘em and am not embarrassed to say these were one of the reasons I grabbed this box.

There was also a handful of lineage base cards, and some inserts:

I don’t have any interest in these, so if you are building a set and need them, let me know.  The Teixeira is a Venezuela parallel.
It didn’t take long to detect that whoever sold this box was a Tigers fan.  There were lots of Tigers cards, including a small handful of shiny Tigers:

And there were several other Verlander cards too that I didn't scan.
I got a few other cards for my Tony Gwynn album in this box too:

There were also several of 2011 Topps inserts, including some Kimball Champions, Diamond Cards, Topps 60 and vintage reprint cards.
 Excuse the lopsidedness, I left these Kimball Champions in the sleeves when I scanned because I was lazy.

 Wait, that Bunning card looks different.

Whoa, it’s a real 1958 card!  How did that get in here?  It was the only vintage card in the box, so I think it was put in there by mistake.  This card is in fantastic condition, and Bunning is a HOFer.  He is a current  US Senator too, but he may be a bit of a nut.  Whatever. I got a 1958 card of a Hall of Famer basically for free.  Or I bought  a card of a Hall of Famer and got the rest of this crap for free.  You can look at it however you want.

I was going to extend this out to 4 posts and show the football and basketball stuff that was in here tomorrow, but truly none of it is that interesting and I've dragged this out long enough.  Here is my final purchase grade:

Goodie Box $6:  A+  This box was a lot of fun with the old postcards and the unexpected Bunning 1958 card.  The 3D cards were cool, and there was a small Score Football complete set that I didn't show.  One of my favorite purchases ever from a Cleve auction.


Play at the Plate said...

Nice surprise on the Bunning.

Hackenbush said...

What a great haul for 6 bucks! BTW Bunning, who turned 80 last fall is now retired from the Senate after serving two terms.

Napkin Doon said...

You're right, I forgot he retired.

Spiegel83 said...

Hey Napkin! Great find at the auction. May you set aside the Mondesi 3D card and the Alomar '75 mini for me? We can start on getting another trade going. Thanks.

cynicalbuddha said...

Wow that's an awesome buy for $6 bucks. That Bunning alone is worth about twice that or more in condition. I'd be interested in the postcards, stamp stuff and any brewers that might have been in there. Let me peruse your needs and PC's tonight and I'll see I can some up with some goodies for you.