Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: Back In The Saddle Again… Part 2

As promised I’d like to show off the cool non sport stuff I got at Cleve’s Tuesday night.  First, I should cover two other minor purchases quickly:

First I bought this box of 1995 Donruss commons.   I spent $5 on it.  I should have left it alone.  I was hoping a Puckett or Clemens Rookie might sneak in there.  Or at least  a Darryl Strawberry.  Nope, just commons.  So if anyone is building this set, I’m sure I can help you out.  Maybe I’ll see how much of the set this box fills and complete it myself.  I’m not thrilled with this purchase.  The box  they came in was nasty, and I’ve already tossed it.

On a brighter note, I got this 1992 Topps set for $2.  I know the 1992 set is nothing great, but try to find a complete set for $2 and not pay shipping.

Here is the best purchase of the night- a 2,400 count goodie box:

One row was filled with baseball/football and basketball cards, and the other was filled with miscellaneous stamp collecting stuff.  Does anyone know anything about stamp collecting?  I don’t and have know idea if any of this stuff is worth anything.  Here is the stamp stuff a little more splayed out:
I was digging through everything and came across what I think is my favorite find in this whole goodie box:

These are postcards from 1909.  I don’t know why,  but I’m enamored with these.  I especially like the one with the picture of the horse.   I can’t read what’s on the back of it, but I can read the back of the other card  and thought I would share it with you:

“Dear sister:- I sent you a letter at Christmas time.  Thanked you for Martin’s tie he was very much pleased with it. did the draft take any of your boys or did any of them enlist.  every single man physically able has been called from here.  Martin has a silo filling outfit and has been very busy filling silos.  we are milking 12 cows.  Have a 5 J silo.  love Sadie & Martin."

How awesome is that?  What a sobering conversation to witness from that point in history.  The question regarding her boys being drafted asked so casually gave me chills when I read it.  I feel like I have an artifact that belongs in a museum.    

I'll give myself a grade on the goodie box after showing the rest of it in my next post.  Here are the other grades for the above purchases:
1985 Donruss Box $5= D:  Eh, this was a waste of money, as much as I like '85 Donruss.
1992 Topps Set $2= A:  A complete set for $2 has to be an A 


Kyle4KC said...

LOVE IT! The postcards are priceless!

Hackenbush said...

Mark from Mark's Ephemera and I are calling 2012 the year of the tobacco card. I think he'd be happy including old ephemera like postcards. Those are great. My Dad collected stamps so I've seen good and bad. Looks like yours may be fun to look at but probably aren't worth much. Of course it's hard to judge from the picture. I think in general stamp values are pretty low right now. Again, like baseball cards they may be cool nonetheless.

cynicalbuddha said...

Those posts cards are awesome. As for the stamps there are tons of websites for looking up sets and prices. Just google stamp values or stamp collecting. Just like anything else worth collection condition and rarity come into play and for the most part any modern stamps were mass produce, but if you've got some turn of the century stuff in there who knows?

The Lost Collector said...

Wow, incredible post card. Very cool.

Dhoff said...

I got chills, too. What a piece of history you've found!

Josh D. said...

Pardon my ignorance...does anyone know what they would be drafting for in 1909?

Jared said...

Actually the post card he is referring to was from WW1. Despite the lack of date on the post card you can tell by the stamp which is slightly different from the other post card. The stamp was from 1918-1920.

Napkin Doon said...

Thanks for the tip Jared!