Friday, December 9, 2011

Wooooo Pig…. Soooie!!!

I may just be a stupid southerner, but dad gummit I love my Razorbacks!  And Christmas came a little early for me this year when I came home and found a surprise package from my BCBBFF (Baseball Card Blogger Best Friend Forever), AJ from the fabulous Lost Collector blog.  In it was a big pig pen of cards of former Razorbacks.  Actually, you’re never a “former” Razorback.  Once a Razorback, always a Razorback.    

The lot AJ sent covered all the sports, football, baseball and basketball.  That’s one of the great things about collecting from your University.  The sport doesn’t matter, and their success or lack of, in the pros doesn’t matter either.  The value comes from what they did during their time in college.  Going to school at the same time as some of these guys (and yes, believe it or not I did see these guys in classes), provided unique memories that weren’t limited to what they did on the playing field/court.  AJ sent at least 80 cards, and I'd love to show all of them to you, but I'll stick to some of the cards of dudes I have personal experience with:  

  • My first week of school, I remember getting on the elevator at my CO-ED freshmen dorm to find Lee Mayberry laying down some smooth moves on one little honey.   In the excitement of seeing him, I may or may have not farted in the elevator.  I may or may have not ruined any chance he had of scoring too.  At least I had the good sense to not ask for his autograph afterwards.
  • Todd Day almost hit me with his car as I was crossing a crosswalk.  He slammed on the brakes and started playing with his radio, acting completely oblivious to me.  I actually could tell many other even more unflattering stories about Todd Day, but will keep them to myself.

  • I had a friend who worked in the Athletic cafeteria.  It was unbelievable what he reported seeing Oliver Miller eat day in and day out.   He said Miller would take a whole pitcher of apple juice and slug it down in one shot.  

  • On the last day of my senior year, I was walking out of class and felt someone slap me with what could only be described as “wrecking ball-like” force on my back.  I turned around to see a smiling Corliss Williamson, who asked me how it was going.  The man was not really all that tall, but he was a freaking tank.

  • Finally, Steve Atwater went pro before I came to the U of A, but I've got to show these cards because it gives me an excuse to show this:
These cards are going to fill out my Razorback binder very nicely.  Thank you so much AJ, I owe you one!


The Lost Collector said...

You owe me nothing. Glad you enjoyed!

Eric L said...

That Atwater hit was required pre-game viewing when I was in high school football. We also watched a Barry Sanders highlight reel.

Dennis said...

Hey, you're not a stupid Southerner! You're just a Southerner, plus you speak coherent English, though I don't know your stance on the BCS. I don't have as much hate for Arkansas as the big cheaters in the SEC, though--LSU, Bama and Florida especially.