Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wooooo Pig…. Soooie!!! Part 2- More Swine

There was just too much Razorback goodness left off my first post.  Plus, I just couldn't resist showing the best part of the gift from AJ of the Lost Collector:

Take it from me, the resemblance is uncanny.  I'm going to try to get the lovely wife help me incorporate this picture into my blog header.
Now, more Hogs:
Matt Jones.  I really hate that his talent didn't translate to the NFL.  In college, he was a total badass.  I still enjoy watching youtube clips of him tormenting Texas at Austin several years ago.   I hear he is living in this area now, but I have no idea what he's doing.  Maybe we'll bump into each other sometime and hang out. 
The lot also included a nice little set of Kevin McReynolds cards.  He's probably the greatest Razorback baseball player ever.   He was before my time at Arkansas, but I loved watching him with the Mets for a few years in the late 80s.  The closest I've come to meeting him was when he was checking into a hotel where my friend worked the front desk.  He got an autograph for me and said McReynolds was really nice.  Quiet, but nice.

Like Steve Atwater, Foster went pro just before I came to school.  He had a short career, but did lead the league in rushing in 1992.   I don't have anything interesting to say about him, but I'm still glad to get the cards.

Finally, this lot included several All-Time Hogs that I as of yet didn't have cards.  It's been a lot of fun going through this huge lot of cards from AJ and seeing something new each time.  Thanks again buddy!

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