Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Trade With A Guy Much Smarter Than Me

Yes, I could title all of my posts about trades with this same title, thank you very much mister smarty pants.  I secretly always hoped I could avoid a trade with David at the brilliant blog "e rayhahn, rayhahn", but not because I didn't think he seemed like a good guy, I just didn't want to get further exposed as a hack by someone who new what they were doing.
He certainly knew what he was doing with the cards he sent me:

I didn't have either of these relic cards of Young and Kinsler, and they are very welcome additions to my Rangers collection.  The Young card is numbered to 75, and is a really pretty card in hand.
He also added a couple of bonus cards.  Actually, this is my first Attax card that wasn't an insert with the Topps base card packs.  I actually kind of like it, and sort of have an interest in picking up some more and trying to play the game.  Has anyone played Attax?  Is it fun?

Thanks for the great cards David, and I hope you enjoy what I sent you.

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Anonymous said...

Holy cr@p, if you think I know what I'm doing, that's scary!

Glad you enjoyed the cards...and Merry Christmas!