Saturday, December 24, 2011

Texas Rangers Stocking Stuffers

Well, these weren't really in my stocking, because that would be insane unless they were well protected.  But I got a few nuggets in the mail this week:

Jurickson Profar relic card-  I'm not necessarily a huge prospector, but I do like to keep an eye on minor league talent, which is partly because of the Royals AA team in my area. Since they are a Texas League team, every year I get to see the Rangers AA team come to town a few times.  I think Profar may get to AA this year, and everything I hear about him leads me to believe he could be special.  In fact, one scout said Profar had Hanley Ramirez's physical skills with Dustin Pedroia's makeup.  He's really young and several years away (and blocked up the middle by Kinsler and Andruz) but I'm still excited about his future with the Rangers.

 Speaking of Kinsler, I also got this graded Turkey Red rookie card this week.  It was only around $3 shipped, and I love the way Beckett Graded cards look and feel.  So sterile and organized.

I now have 8 variants of the Michael Young 2005 Finest Card.  I don't know why I decided to do a rainbow of this card, but I did.  I do like the looks of the card, I just can't really explain why I need a page full of different color versions of the same card.  I just need it.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday season! This experience in the blogging world has been a gift that has kept giving all year long through the contact and interaction I've had with all of you, and I appreciate it!

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Play at the Plate said...

Nap, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Keep up the Young Rainbow, it looks great.