Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Wanted- Gypsy Queen

Now that my Master Checklist has been revamped to actually show the cards I need (duh), I would like to start a periodic feature where I focus with laser- like intensity on a particular set I want to wrap up.  I thought wanted to wait a year and let Gypsy Queen settle before I knocked out the cards I still need, but I changed my mind, as I am apt to do.

So, under the Master Checklist Progress tab at the top is a link to my updated checklist, which has a page that shows the base and insert cards of Gypsy Queen I am seeking.  I am not going to bother going after the stamps, relics, minis or autos.  I already have the key cards I want from those groups.

If you have any of these to spare, let me know and hopefully we can work out a trade.


Play at the Plate said...

Focus....what's that?

Anonymous said...

I have some GQ base for you - I'll drop you an email to get a trade going!