Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Trade With Plaschke...

Thy Sweater Is Argyle.  And another sweet Tony Gwynn relic.  And another sweet Pudge Rodriguez relic.  How many more of these guys do you have dude?  The Gwynn is a very sharp Finest relic, and the Pudge has both Jersey and bat pieces.  I also got something else I am very excited about:
That's right, a 1987 Fleer Mitch Williams!

Actually, it was the autograph of Logan Forsythe that sealed this deal.  Forsythe is a former Razorback, and I don't yet have any cards of him.    I will say he needs some work on that signature.  I don't even remotely see "Logan Forsythe" in that scribble.

Thanks for another nice trade Greg!


Greg Zakwin said...

I was wondering what attracted you to the Forsythe haha. Thanks Doon!

Anonymous said...

Got several Pudge relics here if you're interested