Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Etopps Tracker 11/19/11- What A Mess…

… yet so much fun!  Lots of things going on this week with my eTopps portfolio, so I’ll briefly summarize the key happenings:
  • Aaron Rodgers was added this week, and it’s blowing up!  I love this card, and even though the chart above shows me generally the best time to sell is immediately after cards are released, I just can’t make myself pull the trigger.  This is a sweet card, and might still go up.  However, the moment I start to see it move south in value, it’s gone.

  • Of course when I do attempt to sell/trade high, it backfires on me.  Take Demarco Murray… please!   Last week I traded the Murray card for a T206 Cal Ripken, with a value of around $11.  The Murray climbed another $4 this week, and I could have got more for it had I waited.  I won’t get too down though.  It still worked out positive for me.
  • Speaking of the Ripken card, I traded it for two T206 cards:  Jackie Robinson and Cy Young.  I love these T206 cards, and will take them in hand eventually, so I’d rather have two, especially when one is Jackie Robinson.  The value is of the trade is a wash so far.

  • I also traded Fred Jackson, and received a 2010 Tom Brady, a 2010 Steve Johnson (which I am attempting to trade for something else) and 4 eTopps points.  The points are worth a buck each when using them to pay for shipping, so that will come in handy when I take my next delivery. 

  • The red squares on the chart are cards I sold on  So now I have some money in my cardtarget account.   I can either blow it at, or wait and see if I can buy back these cards  (or other eTopps cards) cheaper in a few weeks on cardtarget.  I can probably get quite a bit with $15 on sportlots, so I’m sure that’s what I’ll do.
  • Andy Dalton continues to haunt me.  That’s the only card I passed on that I regret.

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