Monday, October 17, 2011

I Am The Smartest Man Alive…

AL West -  I refuse to pick this division as I do not want to jinx the Rangers. 
AL Central- The Royals, with the help of some young ultra talented Naturals are 2 years away I think.  And I can't get a feel for this division at all, so I'll pick the Twins.
AL East-  I'll take the chalk and pick the Red Sox.  Although, I think the Orioles will make some noise this year. 

NL East-  Even with the injuries, I'll go with the Phillies.
NL Central-  The Brewers look good to me on paper, but I've said that before about them.
NL West-  Giants again, but the Rockies will be tough I think.

World Series-
What the heck:  Brewers vs. a team whose name I will not mention so that I do not jinx them.

AL MVP:  Someone who plays in the outfield with last year's MVP whose name rhymes with Pelson Pooze.
NL MVP: Ryan Braun

AL CY Young:  Felix Hernandez
NL CY Young:  Roy Halladay 

I was a measly two games from nailing the World Series contestants.  I only went 2 for 6 on my division picks, but, the Red Sox were headed toward winning the division until injuries decimated their lineup.  That would have been a .500 mark.  I also may have picked the NL Cy Young and MVP award winners, although I bet Kershaw takes the Cy Young.  I missed on Nelson Cruz winning the AL MVP, but he did with the ALCS MVP, which I would rather have any day since it means the Rangers ARE AGAIN IN THE WORLD SERIES. 
I wonder what my payoff would have been had I placed $5 on every prediction I made?  Surely I would have made a profit. 
I’m telling you, when my brain isn’t preoccupied ogling the lovely wife, it is capable of inhuman power.  All hail Napkin Doon. 


The Lost Collector said...

Correction: it was beer, Popeye's and video games that derailed the Red Sox.

Play at the Plate said...

You keep not mentioning them...maybe it works!