Sunday, October 2, 2011

Checklist Chipaway- SPX Winnng Materials 2003

First of all, sometimes I love being wrong.  The lovely wife thought I'd thrown quite a pity party for myself with that post, by the way.  I'll spare you all extended recaps from my teams this weekend, but the Rangers and Razorbacks made Saturday a very fun day.  I will pat myself on the back for calling a disastrous start for the Hogs, but they showed a ton of fight and put it on the Aggies after halftime.  It also looked bleak early for the Rangers, but it's hard to keep all those bats silent for too long.  I'll just give a big "whatever" for the Cowboys gift wrapping that game for the Lions.  I'm not even going to pile on Tony Romo.  Some targets are just too easy (unless you are Tony Romo-  oooh, rim shot).  I was absolutely dead on about my kids though- they were total animals all weekend, but it's not so aggravating when your teams are winning.
Here was something else that made me smile on Saturday:

I am now about 70% done with this 2003 SPX Winning Materials set.  This Tejada card is very sharp, with the cool A's logo and the green jersey.  I'm going to be extremely proud of this small but tough set once it's done.

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The Lost Collector said...

These are cool cards, although I'm still not a fan of serial numbers on the front.