Friday, September 30, 2011

My Patented Crappy Sports Weekend Had Begun..

I started seeing it coming a mile away.  Every year, there is at least one weekend where all of my teams take beatings, some of them unmerciful.

First, the Rays announced they were starting a rookie phenom pitcher in game 1 of the ALDS.  The Rangers seem to ALWAYS have trouble in situations like that.   Then, in looking at the expert picks today on the various sports sights, too many people were picking the Rangers to win this series, with Jayson Stark even picking the Rangers to win the World Series.  I knew Matt Moore would put the Rangers bats to sleep, and I knew they would lose this game. I just didn't think CJ would lay such an egg. When he got shelled early, I knew my annual crappy sports weekend was knocking at my door.   So let me go ahead and call James Shields dominating game 2 tomorrow, too and taking the Rays up 2-0 and heading back to Tampa.  Don't be surprised if Shields throws a shutout.  I won't be.
I might as brace myself for a Hogs loss tomorrow too.  They are likely still reeling from the Alabama debacle, and Texas A&M is going to be sky high for this game, after losing to the Hogs the past two years in a row, and wanting to prove they can compete in the SEC.  I can see this unfolding much the same way as the Rangers game today: a major catastrophe will happen early.  It might be a quick touchdown from A&M followed by a 3 and out, or worse, a turnover from Arkansas. Or it might be a pick six on one of Arkansas's first plays of the game.  Something terrible will happen early, mark my words.  If you are an A&M fan, welcome to the SEC, but get off my blog.

And then my Cowboys will finish off the weekend with an uninspired performance against the upstart Lions.  I don't yet have a feel for how it will unfold, but I'm sensing a blowout.  This will be the least painful of the games this weekend, but it has the spotlight on Sunday and I will already be depressed from 2 loses from the Rangers and one from the Razorbacks.

My only solace is that I can now at least call this all out on record beforehand and have some proof my prognostication skills.

My kids are going to be animals this weekend too.  Crappy weekend here I come.

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The Lost Collector said...

I have at least two of those every year. Hang in there.