Monday, September 26, 2011

Doonboggle: My Contribution to the Cardboard Lexicon

 Doon-bogg-le: [doon-bog-uhl, -baw-guhlnoun,verb

1.  A serious misjudgement regarding the potential value of a sports card.  Usually occurs as an over-reaction to a hot streak by a player, in which the collector freaks out and buys an expensive card of said player and soon realizes he/she made a big mistake.  
2.  The point after purchase or trade in which a collector asks: "Why do I have this card?"

1.  The actual act of misjudging the potential value of a sports card.   This can include overspending of money towards a card, or the act of submitting a worthless card for grading, among other actions.  The failing end of the process of prospecting.

Perhaps there already is a term out in cardboard land for what I am getting at above.   I like "doonboggle" myself, and hope it catches on like "bipping".  What was my inspiration for this post?  I was petting my cards this evening and came across this thing: 

It's a graded card of Kris Benson.  Keep in mind, it is not my motif to make fun of players, past or present, if I can help it.  Benson was a darn good pitcher for a while,  so I don't mean any disrespect towards him.  And it's a sharp looking card, too.  But.... what in the holy hell am I doing with a graded card of Kris Benson?  I didn't send it in for grading, but obviously I bought this along the way somewhere in my collecting life.  I don't remember when or why I bought this, and I really hope I only got it because it basically a gimmee on eBay or part of a lot or something.  Whatever the back story, there it was, sitting with some other graded cards in one of my boxes.  I needed a word to explain what I had here, and doonboggle seemed to fit.

I am comforted by the thought that I can't be the only person out there that has committed at least one doonboggle in my collecting life.  So I invite you all to submit your doonboggle stories.  I'm going to tie this into a blogger/reader profile series that will have a place on the sidebar of my blog.  If you have a doonboggle you would like to share (it's cathartic, trust me) please shoot me a note. 


The Lost Collector said...

Oh man, where to begin? Joba rookies? I wasn't even collecting then, but still felt the need to go on eBay and pick up a few for safekeeping. Now, other bloggers send them to me as throw-ins.

Back in 2005, the Bengals came out of no where to win the division, lead by an exciting offense of Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson. I picked up a few of their rookie cards too.

I still have a 1997 Bowman Travis Lee in a screw case. One part because I'm too lazy to take it out, another part because it reminds me not to go nuts on prospects (I say this as I have been hoarding Jesus Montero and Gary Sanchez cards). Sigh.

None of these are high end purchases. However, I'm sure there are people who go out and buy Chrome Rookie Refractor Autos of players who look good at the time but never quite made it.

Eric L said...

"Petting my cards" -- I actually lol-ed and read the line to my wife.

My doonboggle would be my entire early 1990s NBA card collection. The piles of Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, etc. rookies were supposed to pay for my college education. Probably wouldn't have even paid for a case of beer in college. Now they are a fun reminder of the great time I had collecting in my youth.

Josh D. said...

Thanks for this post. I included it in my September 2011 "Month in Review."