Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On The 10th Day of Brycemas

#10 Texas Rangers DH, 1B, 2B, 3B and SS, Michael Young.
Winner.  Team Player.  Leader.  Hustle. Work Ethic.  Integrity.  Luscious.   But enough about me, let’s look at some Michael Young Cards:

I have one of those “jersey” T-Shirts of Michael Young, and that’s as close to a jersey I will wear of any team or player.  I’ve got nothing against fans wearing jerseys, especially to games.  I just can’t pull it off.  It doesn’t look or feel right on me.  I wish my lovely wife would wear one though.  That would be so, so, so hot.


The Lost Collector said...

Women in your team's jersey are 20-25% hotter, on average.

Ryan G said...

Women wearing only your team's jersey are 75-100% hotter.

They make those fitted jerseys for women, too, which you might have an easier time convincing her to wear, at least outside of the home.

Eric L said...

Just noticed that I have a Michael Young jersey relic card sitting in my trade bait pile (and has been for quite a few months). Wanna get a trade going?
Here is a picture of the card